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Ningbo BoMing Precision Parts Co.,Ltd.the company set the development,production
as one,specializing in the production of precision mold,clamping fixture design and manufacturing,metal stamping parts development and production,sheet metal production and processing.The factory was established in 2005 May.now has a staff of more than 60people,engineering and technical personnel more.The factory through unremitting efforts,struggle and innovation,the accumulation of advanced management experience,with a number of high-quality talent,has won the general customer identification.And is now more than manufacturers,such as Ningbo Geely, FOTILE kitchenware,minth group,most of japan...Etc..At the same time,the products are exported to the United States,Europe etc..
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"Honesty, unity and hard work, technological innovation" for the purpose, while existing products are exported to the United States, Europe and other places.
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Add:Tianlongshan Road 36# Daqi Beilun Ningbo Zhejiang
Email :[email protected]
Contact:Mr.Liu | 13456128428
Email:[email protected]
Contact:Ms.Wang | 13738445040
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[email protected] Boming Precision Parts Co.,Ltd. Add:Tianlongshan Road 36# Daqi Town Beilun Ningbo Zhejiang Tel: +86-574-86145059 Fax:+86-574-86882976
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